Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Kielo the lily of the Valley

Kielo set white poster

Story behind design can read RFL Kielo special set. More colour will release soon.

Where to buy?

Don't forget the Clothing fair 2009 still running. My spot is at sim 2 spot no.8. Do a crazy Shopping in Clothing fair 2009 not only can make you be the most fashionable one in sl but now also can help the cancer patients in real life. Just buy from the vendor which marked RFL/ Relay for life 2009, all the money will go to the American Cancer society.

The sets I designed for this clothing fair RFL team:-
- RFL Kielo special set ~$600L only
- RFL2009 ALMOST FREE gifts - Zivanit special ~ $10L only!!

Don't forget to get the matching RFL gown and the one of kind auction gown from Nicky Ree.

When? till 22 March 2009

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