Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Shamrock flower set

St Patrick day is coming, VictoriaV Fashion designed a gown for this special day and asked if I have any matching jewelry. I found that in this special day, everywhere in sl is green green & green. It suddenly make me think what other colour can come with this green... " Is the St Patrick day symbol SHAMROCK leave have flowers?!" So I do a googling....

After I tried on VictoriaV Fashion 's gorgeous St.patrick day gown, my Le Fleur Collections appearing in my mind. So I put the shamrock and shamrock flowers into this design idea and then my Shamrock flower set finally born in sl.

Shamrock flowers set background

Normally shamrock have three heart shape leaves only. If you find a Four leaves shamrock, it will bring you luck and happiness. In this jewelry set, you can find two four leaves shamrock hanging down from a shamrock flower. It represent lucky and happiness.

I selected diamond, critine, pink ruby and emerald as the gems for this series. Due to prim limit, this necklace should be wearing in two part of body attachment. But because of this, it comes out two style. You can wear it with causal wear or formal wear ^^

Shamrock flowers green- yellow

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Jewelry set available at ""

Happy St.Patrick day!!