Friday, February 11, 2011

Vday Special:- Queen Posesiva special

Queen Posesiva was my Nov 2009 Design, story can read Alienbear Jewelry Design: Queen Posesiva the Queen of Hearts. As keep recieving many request asking if I can make it as red. So in this Vday I make their dream come true. Not only this but Start from now till last day of Feb, all of you going to have a big discount of the following pieces. Just $50L each! and They is transferable!!! Great for gifting to your ownself, your friend or the one you love.

Queen Posesiva I Vday special N&E set

Queen Posesiva II Vday special N&E set

Queen Posesiva Vday special sceptre

In Feb 2011, each these will be just $50L! will back to the original price afterwards.

Don't miss it! Transferable.

Where? Alienbear's Vday area (

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Happy valentine's day!