Tuesday, December 21, 2010

When the best meet the best- King Zeus & Queen Aphrodite

Zeus King Gold modelAphrodite Queen gold model

King Zeus and Queen Aphrodite were modified from my Oct 2010 Crown for Mister BeStyle 2011.I get inspirations from Egret. The birds Egret , a kind of white bird which love to stand by one leg, showing the most elegant & stylish stand among the other birds. Just like the most elegant lady showing off how beauty, glam, attractive and stylish she is. Pearl and diamonds are the main gems I selected for this series.

These pictures took by me in my 2010 Malaysia KL trip. See how elegant stand in the first picture. & I think the one on the second picture is the king of this group of birds.

I named man crown "Zeus". Zeus is the King of God & Men in Greek Mythology. The best of the best!

While "Aphrodite" for the lady series, as Aphrodite is the most beautiful Goddress in Greek Mythology. She is the goddress of love & beauty, the most beautiful lady among all.

For King Zeus Series, right now have crown only with gold or platinum for your selections.

Aphrodite Queen modelAphrodite princess model

For Aphrodite series, we have Queen crown, a royal necklace , matching earrings. Or you can select a simple version - the princess tiara, and the simple necklace & earrings set.

** Please noted that due to sl limitations, the queen crowns & the royal necklace have to be attached to 2 attachment point.

colour selection:- platinum & gold in white diamond

I am now working on more matching jewelry pieces & colour gems. Will release later.

Be the best of the best King & Queen in SL now! Great for role play, wedding or anykind of formal occassions.

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