Friday, March 12, 2010

Queen of Rose the Queen Rosie

Queen Rosie Draft

In this Spring, Alienbear's and Exclusiva bring all bride to be this gorgeous combinations Queen Rosie and Alice Bridal gown. I get inspiration from this Alice gown. This lovely gown have many delicated roses so I comes up this Royal Rose crown design. Diamonds means eternity & this is the reason I select this stone for this creation.

The crown is the main soul of this whole jewelry set. Rose & heart is the main pattern I use in this design.

Due to prim limit, this crown have to attach to 2 part of body. An CG facelight hud that is a freesource created by Cognitive Gears, is added in this crown. So for those who like to use facelight, you won't have any trouble in finding another attachment point for your own facelight. You can turn on / off the facelight; change the light colour; change the radius of the light; change the brightness... etc. If you don't wear facelight at normal, you can just wear the hud & turn it off.

In matching the crown, I use the middle part & the heart pattern from the crown to design this necklace and the matching earrings. With the round shape diamonds and the teardrops, it turns you into the most royal and splendid queen. Who say simple can't be Splendid?

This series come with another two metal for your selections. You can be the Pure queen in Platinum Or Dark queen in our Dark metal.

Queen Rosie Crown white Queen Rosie Dark Crown white
Queen Rosie necklace white Dark Queen Rosie necklace white
Queen Rosie earrings white Dark Queen Rosie earrings white

Exclusiva - Alice Bridal Gown light Gold V1

Buy the Alice gown at Exclusiva main shop
Buy the Queen Rosie jewelry set at Alienbear's