Friday, March 12, 2010

Princess of Rose the Princess Rosana

Princess Rosana draft

In matching my bridal set Queen Rosie, I designed this Princess Rosana for the bridesmaid or for bride who like delicated & simple style. I use the rose from my bridal set Queen Rosie to design this modern but elegant Princess Rosana.

To match my bridal set Queen Rosie, I use the middle flower with teardrop pattern from the Queen set to design this bridesmaid necklace. Instead of using round diamonds in surround the neck, I use rectangular diamonds for this design.

Due to prim limit, the necklace has to attach to 2 part of body. That comes up two designs. The other version just with flower only.

The Earrings I (Left pic) is use to match the part 1 of the necklace , that means the rose only necklace. While the Earrings II (right pic) is using to match the full necklace when you wear both part1 & part 2 of the necklace. Actually this two earrings can use to match my Queen Rosie necklace too.

Princess sure has crown so this time I design a small tiara. Our modeling Stylist Mui Mukerji told me that this tiara even can match my Queen Rosie necklace & earrings.

Same as Queen Rosie , this series come with another two metal for your selections. You can be the Pure princess in Platinum Or Dark princess in our Dark metal.

Dark Princess Rosana necklace white
Dark Princess Rosana earrings I white
Dark Princess Rosana earrings II white

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