Friday, September 25, 2009

Kitty Cyrus Diamond Belly chain

2009 10L cyrus dia belly chain

Many asked me if there a any belly chain matching my $10L kitty Cyrus diamond necklace (read Jewelry Fair 2009 Spot No.20 @ Autumn sim). SURE YES!!! Here give you another $10L suprise - $10L Kitty Cyrus Diamond belly chain!!

How much?
$10L only

Transfer/ modify

Where to buy?
Discount area at Main Shop

Love it? great! Don't forget our Sept 2009 member gift set - Kitty Cyrus Pearl and Another $10L gift - Cyrus Kitty Pearl belly chain !! Want more?! Keep in touch with us.

Oh Jewelry Fair 2009 is end soon! Don't miss our new release (read Jewelry Fair 2009 Spot No.20 @ Autumn sim) , it is more than 10% off in the fair!!