Saturday, September 19, 2009

Jewelry Fair 2009 Spot No.20 @ Autumn sim

Been so busy in real life in this 2 years and finally I can have time to join this year Jewelry Fair 2009. I just back in 15 Sept 2009 so this time it is pity that I can't join the charity auction and didn't release too much jewelry pieces this year. But yes still have a bit ^^. So what are they?

Azucena Series - 10% off in the jewelry fair

Queen Azucena Azucena model 2

This series was my May 2009 design and due to my urgent leave from sl, I didn't release till now. I use "white lily' to design this set. AZUCENA is a Spanish name means "white lily". Round Diamonds, diamond teardrops and the diamonds lilies are the main gemstones I used in this series. In this fair, I firstly release the necklaces, earrings and crowns.

Azucena necklace- one necklace two style

If you know Alienbear Design, you will know we are famous in using regular prims to make our original designs. But this always reaches the prim linking limits. Same in this elegant design, I had to attach this necklace to two body attachment points. Therefore, I designed this necklace to be available wearing in two styles- with or without part 2; depending on which occations you are in.

Apart from the full version, you can just buy the simple style at our store too. Since this necklace have two styles, I designed two earrings to match them.

Azucena earrings S2

Azucena earrings S1

Crowns are our signature. This series sure have matching crowns. I designed a simple crown and a Queen crown in matching each style of the necklace/ earrings set.

Azucena Queen crown

Due to prim limit, this 512 prims crown should be attached to two body attachment points. For this crown design, I recommend you can wear with Vanya hair from Sparkle Skye Designs.

Azucena crown

This is simple crown style in matching the simple set.

This Azucena series will firstly release at Jewelry Fair 2009 in 10% off discount before normal release at main Shop. So don't miss it ^^

Kitty Cyrus Diamond necklace - $10L only at Fair

2009 10L cyrus necklace

To celebrate my new born kitty CYRUS 3 months old birthday, I designed this necklace and share with you in this Jewelry Fair 2009.

How much? $10L only
Perm? transfer / modify

You can get the matching earrrings (copy only) for FREE at Member Discount Shop if you join our "Alienbear Design & Le' Cameo Lovers" group in world. You can check
my blog post Sept 2009 member gift set - Kitty Cyrus Pearl.

ali in diamond cyrus

So where is ALIENBEAR DESIGN spot at Jewelry Fair 2009?

- SPOT 20 at Autumn sim

- NOW till 27 Sept 2009

What special @ our spot in Jewelry Fair 2009?
- 10% off for Azucena series
- $10L gift necklace- kitty Cyrus diamond necklace