Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lorraine Pearl

Lorraine Pearl poster

This Lorraine series is specially designed to match NARDCOTIX's YSL Special dress. Thanks my assistant Mui Mukerji . I get the inspiration from one of her conversation "Pearl should match.." haha yes Mui love pearls so much while I am diamond lover. But this time I take her suggestion & start designing something fashion but still elegant. The dress have many black dot dot, I suddenly have a picture in my brain ... black pearls raining lol So I use teardrop pearls and black pearls to design this Lorraine series.

It can match every fashion in your wardrobe, no matter causal wear or formal gown. Who don't like fashion and multi-function accessories?! Have black, white and cream pearl colour for your selections.

Where to buy?
- My store at NARDCOTIX ; and
- alienbear's designs main store

Lorraine Pearl whiteLorraine Pearl cream