Monday, April 20, 2009

Aradia Custom Engagement ring

Aradia custom engagement ring

NOT FOR SALE just for sharing the picture of my artpieces and the love story behind this ring to you.

A man fall in love with a lady even he know this lady has another one by her side for long. He want to give her something special if one day she accept his love. He just like an angel body guard keep staying beside this lady. He build an empty sim just for her. He plan to put this ring in that sim until this lady accept his love & get this girl go to the sim. According to this sweetest man, green is her colour while blue is his.

So I design this ring for him. The story behind this ring...

I use the emerald as the main gem for this design that represent she is the one of the only one in his world. Even there are many admirer arround her, even right now he is not the one in her heart. He will around her protect her & love her. So I use sapphire (represent him) to surround the main Emerald but behind many tiny white diamonds. White Diamond & seagreen diamonds are used the cover the ring band. Just make it more splendid and represent how important is this lady in his heart. and represent how successful is this man & this lady in Second life the Virtual world. I use the lady's name to titled this ring.

~Alienbear Gupte~