Sunday, December 07, 2008

Miss Virtual World 2009 Jewelry set

Miss Virtual World 2009 Pageant (last year call Miss SL Universe), that held by Mr. Frolic Mills, founder of THE BEST OF SL Magazine, finally finished on 6 Dec 2008 night. Miss Italy Mimmi Boa being crowned and won my Sponsored Miss Virtual World 2009 Crown, Scepter and the jewelry set! While other 4 finalist won my Finalist crown also.

Although the Miss Virtual World 2009 Crown just have ONE, but you can now own the Finalist crown and the Miss Virtual World Scepter and the jewelry set!!

Miss Virtual World 2009 set

The main concept of these jewelries are flowers that represent the most beautiful lady in the Virtual World with love, kindness, Sparkling, intelligent & natural beauty. The diamond shape of ruby is part of this Pageant symbol.

Be the QUEEN of the VIRTUAL WORLD now! It will be a nice gifts for yourself & your girls!

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