Saturday, December 06, 2008

Frideswide the Peaceful Princess

BOSL hunt gift - Frideswide earrings (c)

I design a pair of earrings name as Frideswide for the SL biggest hunting event PEACE ON EARTH HUNTING. Around 400 designers join this event. The meaning of the name "Frideswide" implies:-

"Modern form of the Old English name Friðuswiþ, formed of the elements frið "peace" and swiþ "strong". Saint Frideswide was an 8th-century English princess who became a nun. She is credited with establishing Christ Church in Oxford." (Quoted from

This can be found at my mini shop at The Best of Boulevard. My hunting gift number is #349. Details you can read

Permission:- copy only
Where is the starting point of this hunting:-
When:- Today till 31 Dec 2008

Want to buy the matching necklace & buy the transfer version of earrings for friends? You can buy it at main shop at Alienbear design main store or at the mini shop at Best of Boulevard sim.

Frideswide necklace white

Frideswide earrings white

This necklace & earrings are specially design for my shop at The Best of Boulevard. If you remember my 2007 Miss SL Universe set, you will be so familiar with this necklace pattern. It suit deep V formal dress and can suit any special formal occasions.