Tuesday, October 16, 2007

OCT-NOV 2007 MobVen Set

"Dracula's Heart" is in the same design but different gemstones as the OCT-NOV 2007 LUCKY CHAIR GIFT . Dracula, the vampire, he dead but his skeleton last forever with his dark cold heart. His soul turn to a willow spider & build a spider web around his skeleton. He dead but why his heart still keep bleeding? He wait for his love? No one know.. Maybe there is a romantic love story hiding inside.

Love this design? Good, just go to Alienbear Design main store, Le'bear Castle, There is a full set in the mob ven with starting price $2000L , More friend you bring to the front of the mobVen, More lower will be the price of this set. The lowest price of it will be $299L!! This set come with 5 pieces. Same as all my previous design, they are all craft by primary prims & is my original design. It will be placed in main castle from today to 30 Nov 2007. Same as all my previous Mobven gifts, they are:-
- not for sell now or in the future
- transferable
- just can be get from the mobven

Be a Gothic Queen/Princess now! The Gold lines will have another modven set too, so keep checking my design blogs or check my inworld update group for any future release!

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