Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Alienbear Store card are now avaliable for purchasing at my 4 lines main stores. What is Alienbear Store card?

This is a kind of gift certificate for you to gift your friends. The different as the usual one is you can get more bonus from buying my privilage card. I have 4 credit amount of cards for you to purchase:-

* $500L (pay $450L to buy this value card)
* $1000L (pay $890L to buy this value of card)
* $2000L (pay $1750L to buy this value of card)
* $3000L (pay $2600L to buy this value of card)

Simply find the ATM machine shown on the picture in all my main stores at Le'Bear Castle & then pay to purchase the card.

How to use?
Simply wear the card --> right click on the items you want to buy --> select "card" & it will ask you in the pop up window to confirm --> & you will get the items that within the card value.

What if the items cost higher than the card value?
It will ask you if you use the card to buy & pay the remaining amount by cash --> select "yes" --> right click the board to pay the remaining value by cash.

Great idea to gifts your friends or buy it to get some discount of my jewelries !!

Where to find this machine?
Alienbear Design, Le'Bear Bratz
BijouxOr Design, Le'Bear Castle Bratz
Alienbear KID Design, Le'Bear Castle Bratz
Le'Cameo Design, Le'Bear Castle Bratz

Apart from the gift card ATM available for purchase, I placed 8 gift chairs outside Le'cameo main store. The concept of this just like camping chairs but this one is sit for prize instead of money.

What is the prize?
Well, all chairs have 3 prizes.
Sit for 2 hour to get $100L alienbear storecard!
Sit for 4 hours to get another $200L alienbear storecard!
Sit for 6 hours to get another $300L alienbear storecard!

It is not get a camping chair but also are lucky chair too lol as if you got kicked before the required sitting time, you will need to start over again !!! lol But once you can sit for 3 hours, you can get the total 600L bonus point to buy my jewelry!!! Why not try some luck when you have time? !!

Good luck all :D


*PS. store card system designed by Escort DeFarge while the prize camp chair is designed by Jiensu Takakura

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