Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Bad day today! As the script have something wrong, Someone that are not in my VIP group get the Member gifts from my discount shop today. I feel so sad about that. Well, all my member gifts are supposed to gift my valauble members only. Each member gifts spend me a lot of time & mind to make & design - as they are just designed for my members. But someone that already left my group fly up beside my discount shop & then try to get the member gifts. Well, all my gifts & discount items there are supposed to be scripted as just accepting member to buy. But somethings go wrong & it can't work if I set the price as "0". & then she, the one that are not deserved to be have them , got the member gifts. :( Only my members who keep loving & support my design that keep staying in my group deserved to have it.

Because of this, I am now taking away the member gifts in my member discount shop. Sorry about causing any inconvience to my member.

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