Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I feel so frustrate today... one of my group members im me today & said there is a store that sell a belly chain exactly the same as my 2005 teardrop belly chain design. At first I think that maybe it just similar. But when I tp there, I said, OMG it's exactly the same.. compare the following picture & tell me what you think.

My 2005 belly chain design:-

The belly chain design my member find in other store today:-

Well I don't know what to say, I just feel bad. Well yes compare my present design, my prim work improve more. But it is still my design ... I feel like someone steal my blood! I can say it is impossible to make the prim/ shape that similar like that. It just like clone with other texture. but what can I do? Well the member that tell me about this suggest me to put that design back to store & then sell it at 1L . Well I am still selling this in my slboutique stores at 250L with both pant look chain & skirt look chain. (9 gemstone selections) Why no one will respect other designer's designs ? I think that I can only say " Thank you so much to all those copycat who try to show how creative & innovative I am."

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