Wednesday, May 21, 2014

*Almost free* Pearl double N&E set in purple

$20L pearl double purple

Hey guys and girls, been a long time didn't release anything new. As second life keep updating, Alienbear's can't stand still. Because of that, We are now rechecking and refreshing all our designs. Do you remember our 2006 double pearls $20L set?

Pearls double white was my Oct 2009 creations designed for an hunting event. In 2010, I created a black pearls version as member gifts (copy only) and almost free $20 version (transferable with necklace modifiable) for celebrating our 5th Anniversary. This year 2014, when refreshing all of my designs, I suddenly found that my purple pearls look mysterious on this design. So comes up 3 colour of pearls for your selection.

Inside this pack, you will find "No bright" and "Full bright" version for the non- modifiable pieces. So no need to worry about wearing "a bright light" under the dark anymore. While you can still see what my designs original colour in "full bright" version.
(nb) stands for "no bright"

What? Almost free for a set! just $20L

Necklace:- Modify and Transfer
Earring:- Transfer only

Where to buy?
Free jewelry area at Main shop
Directly from Marketplace

Our 50% off sale will end soon! On the day when I refreshing all my design, it will be the end of the 50% off sale. What are you waiting for?! Crazy shopping at Alienbear's Now!