Saturday, November 24, 2012

Calypso the Greek goddess

Calypso necklace Miss Greece

Calypso earrings Miss Greece

Calypso was my last year Nov 2011 virtual jewelry design which specially designed for the MVW Miss Greece 2012- Miss Calypso Oliphaunt for her formal section of the pageant.

I get inspiration from traditional Greek Olive leaf, flag of Greek, Greek goddess tales and Calypso formal gown from Mami Jewell. Blue Sapphire and diamonds are selected as the gems for this design is because of the colour of the Greece's flag are mainly blue and white.

Due to prim limitation, this necklace have to be wear to 2 body attachment point.

P.S. This length of the necklace is base on Mui Mukerji's Super Model III shape to design.

Apart from this Greece version, I made the white version in platinum for the white lovers. In order to give details of this Calypso, the diamonds here I used are not just pure white but also some very pale babyblue diamonds.

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