Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Phoenix Serene the Oriental beauty

Phoenix Serene model

Dec 2010 virtual jewelry design specially design for Ms. Serene Faith , the MVW Hong Kong 2011 in matching her Phoenix costume from NickyRee Designing.

I get inspiration from Nicky ree's gown & tradional chinese Tang accessory. Phoenix is the main design of this accessory.

Phoenix Serene hair accessory red

The hair accessory are the spirit of this overall set.
The hair accessory is Flexi. But Due to prim limitation, this hair accessory should be wear in 2 part of body. & this comes out 3 hair accessory design.

Matching hair:- youmei from Tukinowaguma

Phoenix Serene necklace red

Phoenix Serene earrings red

Right now we have this red / jade in this collections only. I am working on more jewelry pieces and more colour in matching Nicky's Phoenix costume.

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