Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bloody Queen Rohesia

Bloody Queen rohesia poster I

Bloody Queen Rohesia is modify from my Queen Rosie series in matching Agnes Finney 's Halloween special edition Queen Luica Black-red for this halloween.

Queen Rohesia, full of Anger and Rancor ... her blood absorbed by the roses she love. She turn into the bloody roses , waiting time to revenage. Be careful Heartless men....

This special collection have necklace, earrings, ring & crown.

Bloody Queen Rohesia necklace (Dark red)

Due to prim limit, this neckalce have to be wear in 2 body attachments. So this comes out 2 style of necklace- the other style is without those drappings diamonds & little teardrop.

Bloody Queen rohesia crown (Dark red)

* Due to prim limit, this crown have to attach to 2 part of body. An CG facelight hud that is a freesource created by Cognitive Gears, is added in this crown. So for those who like to use facelight, you won't have any trouble in finding another attachment point for your own facelight. You can turn on / off the facelight; change the light colour; change the radius of the light; change the brightness... etc. If you don't wear facelight at normal, you can just wear the hud & turn it off.

Alienbear's X Agnes Finney halloween 2010

Where to buy?- halloween area at Main Shop , you can also buy the matching gown here.