Friday, March 26, 2010

Kokoro RFL special

RFL2010 Kokoro necklace special

RFL2010 Kokoro earrings special

After the Two sets of Sakura RFL specials and the RFL thank you gift - Sakura II, here comes another new set that is design for Relay for life which help raising funds for the Amercian Cancer Society.

This two years, It is very sad that many friends around me suffer from Cancer. I worry about them but I don't even know how to help them. But then I found that nothing important than "Love" and "Care". This year I join RFL in sl again and the first thing I think of is .. "love". It make me comes up this Kokoro design.

Kokoro is a japanese name means "Heart, spirit". Cancer patient need your love, need your support. Some may just share small love while some may share big love, in gathering together all your love from diiferent place and different countries, it will be a huge huge huge love to them. In my place, there is a slang "積少成多" means "Many a little makes a mickle". So in this design, I use some big & some small hearts , linking together and form a huge heart. It just like linking love from every person from all over the world and share this love to the Cancer patient. They need your love & your support.

Due to prim limations, this necklace have to wear in 2 parts of body and it come into 2 styles. This colour will be limited for RFL only.

When? From now to July 2010
Where to donate? RFL area at Alienbear's

You can find the Two sets of Sakura RFL specials and the RFL thank you gift - Sakura II at
RFL area at Alienbear's too. Thank you so much for your support. ^^