Monday, September 28, 2009

Chouko Set

Chouko poster

"Chouko" is a japanese name means "butterfly". I get inspiration from my Azucena Crown design.

chouko necklace white

I select diamonds & pearl as the main gem for this Chouko set. My first idea was using two lilies patterns to make another flower pattern in the middle. When I get it done, I found that it really looks like a butterfly. That's why I named it as "Chouko".

Necklace chain is always a headache issue for me who just use SL regular prims in crafting my jewelry designs. I never appreciate in the shape of the necklace chain part I made. In holding this simple butterfly pattern, I finally selected using a 2 prims square shape diamond to make the chain. Wish you all love the style I make this time.

chouko earrings white

I used the middle pattern of the necklace to design this pair of matching earrings.

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