Saturday, February 14, 2009


LoveLoveLove set platinum poster flickr


"Baby you are under arrested", he said softly beside her ear and then...

He tie a long "LOVE" chain around her neck. "I use my whole life of love to make this chain, you will feel I am always beside you, huging you, kissing you... I am the most happiness perosn in the world in loving you..."

I get inspiration from scarf. "Love" just like scarf, make you warm, make you feel of happiness... In this Vday, Get this and tie on the neck of your love. Great gift for your girl, your friend and yourself. ~Fashion jewels sure match glamor you~

Necklace chain should be attached to two part since it has 387prims in total. It have gold, platinum and black version for your selections.

LoveLoveLove N&E set platinum

LoveLoveLove N&E set gold

LoveLoveLove N&E set black

Where to buy?
entrance hall at Alienbear's main store

HAPPY Valentine's day :)

** Please noted that we are now expanding our castle to share more of my designs to all of you. (woohoo, finally have space to place back my old designs!! ^^) So we are going to do the reconstruction of our main store. Some part of store will still running during the reconstruction project. Here is the temporary landing point of the main store:-