Friday, October 31, 2008

Jewelry Set for Calla 2nd year Anniversary!

Calla 2nd anniversary set

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to CALLA! To celebrate CALLA 2nd year Anniversary, I designed an elegant set by using her logo. Just like last year, if you still remeber, I used her flower logo to make a set to celebrate her birthday. ( 1st year set ) So this year I use 2 flowers to represent her 2 years anniversary! Same as last year, I used diamond & pearl as the main gemstone for this set.

CALLA will celebrate her 2nd birthday on 2 Nov 2008 and this elegant set will be gifted out at her birthday party on Sunday Nov 2nd from 6-9 pm slt! at Calla Lily (128, 110, 35).

Apart from me, Tigerlily the designer of CALLA also invite some other sl well-known designers to design gifts. So don't miss her party time & let's celebrating with her! Just keep checking CALLA's blog to find the extact date & time for her celebrations.