Tuesday, December 04, 2007

"Princess Christal" Design for "SHINE"

To help "Shine" to raise fund for Doctor Without Border, I design an elegant Jewelry set named as "Princess Christal". Christal means crystal- the ice. Winter is coming. I get inspiration from snow, icicle & snowflake in designing this gorgeous holiday ball set.

This Jewelry Set comes with Necklace, Earrings & a ring. You can touch the above pictures to see the details.

The main designs of this sets are the spiral shape with the dropping teardrop diamonds. The tiny round diamond on the chain just like "snow". It fall down from the sky & form some crystal patterns. some are "S" shape" some are spiral shape. There even a little tiny snowflake in the middle of the necklace. The snow form some icicle on the spiral crystal & the melting snow form some teardrops shape crystal when they cool down again.

The earrings are cut from the middle part of the necklace. But the tiny little teardrops inside the spiral change to a ball shape crystal.

The ring design is the tiny snowflake with a teardrop diamond. Just like the necklace & the earrings, there is a tiny little diamonds in the middle of the snowflake. To make it more elegant , I make it like a crown shape while the base of the ring consists of many tiny little round diamonds. Since I want to use icicle in whole set, I put some tiny irregular lines & make it look like melting icicle forming in between the crown ring.

ONLY 55* Sets of Platinum will place in Alienbear Design Main Store at Le'Bear Castle from today to 1 Jan 2007. Gold version will coming soon. They are Transferable. The necklace can be modify. All money collected from these limited edition set will donate to "SHINE" which will go to the Doctor Without Border.

BUY this elegant set & can help more people! Go to Alienbear Design Main Store at Le'Bear Castle to buy it now! Don't like this set but still want to donate money to "SHINE"? You can donate money to the little "shine" box beside the "shine" ads inside my store.

*Since I make a mistake in setting "set 29" as sell as copy, after deducting the remaining set, I find that I still over sell 5 sets silver. So I modify the Platinum set from 50 to 55 while Gold from 50 to 45.

P.S. Hair from ETD Salon, Gown from Blaze

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