Thursday, July 26, 2007

Gemstone Star Set (Modify from Apirl 2006 Design)

This is modify from my Late April 2006 design. Well, star is simple & common so maybe you saw it everywhere no matter in rl or sl but star is one of my favourite so I redo this last year old design by changing the necklace part to more details; by changing the studs post; by making a hanging earring design for leting all elegant lady suit more outfit; add more colour.. yes now have 10 colours in total. I even place out a FATPACK for the one who want to have all colours. Sure fatpack have a huge discount (half price of the original ones :D) but with no transfer options.

Same as all my designs it has controlable sparkle; it is crafted by prim.. maybe you will ask "Ali, you seems a bit outdated . Why you still make prim one when others use sculpties to make everything in world? " Yes, as first it was my real old design when there was no sculpties in world & that star make by 10 prims so want to keep the stars back; Second is .. I have zero art background in rl & very bad on 3D drawings lol Think about a lady who suck at photoshop, how can she know how to make sculpties lol

Ok here the followings shows all the gemstone colours of this star set design:-

Available at :- 2/F Alienbear Design main store

Want to back to the past & see how the old design look like & how ugly was the model (--> me) looked like?..

PS. 2 Hairs at the top 2 pictures are from Calla while the cute lil tees are from Mis chief.
hairs on the april 2006 pictures are from .. (forget sorry) while the 2 elegant princess dress are from my favorite Silver Rose Design.

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