Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Refering to my post today "clone of my 2005 teardrop belly-chain" , the one who try to copy my design finally admit what she did & then send me appolize about that. She already take off sale woot!

She said:-
"wanted to leave you this're right, that bellychain i made way back last year when i was learning to make jewelry and torture prims by looking at other's work finding out about prim fits and then to making design changes to make it my own. Obviously, i didn't do that enough with the bellychain. i thought i had taken all that earlier work off sale a long time ago. i understand your frustration after going into another store and seeing a tub exactly like mine for sale by a *friend*. All i can do is offer my deepest apologies and take it off sale. Thanks so much for approaching me first and letting me make this right."

"We've taken it off, and again my was way back in the beginning when i didn't have much confidence in my own ability to after taking that Master's jewelers class and working on more things, i'm finding out i love it. Your concern was timely since my partner xxx and i are dealing with copycats in the market as well as my friend xxx. i needed to clean up my own backyard first though before getting on my high horse *smiles* thanks for the reminder"

Okay I accept her appolize & I appreciate that she is brave to admit what she did. Better than most of the other copycats that keep saying "no that is my design , we just have same thinking & idea" .. & say "I am the best jeweler in Sl with awesome prim work & never copy others design.. I work very hard on that.." OR "XXX magazine /blog also place my design out & comment that my design is creative.. " well yes copy others design is REALLY hard work! As they need to unlink or try to think how the designer make that lol & I think that yes there may be people have similar idea but it is impossible to similar like that! Maybe it's time for me to creat a blog for all designer in World so they can express what their feeling when they see someone clone their design. Maybe go for voting "The Winner of COPYCAT this week is ... " hahah that will be fun.. If you are designer & think this is a good suggestions, leave me a comment here & let's see what we can work out.

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