Tuesday, February 13, 2007


(Released on 9 Jan 2007)

8 Gemstone colours:-
Babyblue Diamond
Aqua Diamond
Purple Saphire
Pink Diamond
Citrine Diamond
White Diamond
Black Diamond

The name "Gelesia" is a Spainish name means "happiest". I want my aunti Spink be the happiest Bride & wife in SL world so I designed this in 9 Jan 2007 for her Wedding. She want to be a princess in her wedding & so my brain come out this design. She like hearts so I use hearts & the traditional princess necklace to creat this set for her. Teardrops always make the designs look more elegant & so I finally make this out. The top 4 tiny diamonds are in the same colour of the gemstone teardrops while others are white diamond.

I make a white Heart diamond on the ear drops & then the 2 little diamonds with teardrop is hanging at the back of the ears. When you try to zoom closer of the earring, you will see that how real it is- with a long pin & the earring bucket at the back. With Controllable sparkling.

Have 6 gemstone colour for your selections -
Babyblue Diamond/ Aqua Diamond/ Purple Saphire/ Pink Diamond/ Ruby/ Citrine Diamond / White Diamond/ Black Diamond

I even make a Gothic version for this design:-

To match the set, here is the crown:-

Princess Gelasia Crown is my 4th Crown design. Hearts Pattern, Teardrop & white Diamonds are the main design of this Crown in order to match the necklace & earring set of the Bride. Same as all my design have controlable sparkling. Can be found at the top floor (3/F) of Main store at Bratz.

Have Bridesmaid Set & Flowergirl Necklace to match this elegant Bride set. But sure this can be wear in Formal Party & if you are Princess in SL , this is a perfect set for you.

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