Monday, February 12, 2007


Feb/Mar Lucky Chair Prize
(Released on 1 Feb 2007)

Hearts with arrow is the main design of Feb/Mar Lucky Chairs prize. Controlable sparkling make you be a sweetiest & most elegant lady in sl. Just like all my previous Chairs prize - NOT for sale now or in the future & Just available within 2 months (1Feb2007 - 31Mar2007). Just go to Main castle store at Le'Bear Castle & sit on the lucky chairs to get them home.

Feb/Mar Mobven Prize
(Released on 1 Feb 2007)

Mobven is a Vendor that will drop the price to the lowest when the crowd gain near the Vendor. The set of Feb/Mar inside the Vendor is a Very cute & beautiful set that is the Chinese Script "LOVE" inside a very cute heart with arrow. Yes all of them are handcrafed PRIM design, even the chinese "LOVE" is not the Texture but make by PRIM!! The moving texture make the design look shinny & sparkling. Wear this set make you look special & elegant in sl wherever you go.

Original :- 500L
Lowest:- 100L

Bring your friends to Ground Floor of Le'Bear Main Castle & then get it at the LOWEST Price!!

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