Tuesday, February 13, 2007


(Released on 5 Jan 2007)

I designed this in last year 2006 early Nov for the my Aunti Karyme's Wedding. The design concept is from the her wedding dress that with some drops pattern. To make her more elegant & outstanding, I used prims to craft some leaves out. With a center white diamond, I put 2 diamonds in the same colour of the Gemstone dewdrop. The earrings are kinda different to my previous design. I make a diamond on the ear drops & then the 2 little diamonds with dewdrop is hanging at the back of the ears. When you try to zoom closer of the earring, you will see that how real it is- with a long pin & the earring bucket at the back. With Controllable sparkling.

Set - 1/F in the middle; Necklace- 1/F wall; Earring- 2/F wall

Have 6 gemstone colour for your selections -

Babyblue Diamond/ Black Diamond/ Green Emerald/ Pink Diamond/ Ruby/ Citrine

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