Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Suprise III : VIP Members gifts

Halloween 10 member gift lady gift

Halloween 10 member gift Man gift

Halloween 10 member gift Kid gift

This year I finally have time to design something new to you my precious Member in this Halloween. In the design of my Pandora "Evil" Morse code Collections, There is a hidden pattern which imply Lucifer. I used this design to make a simple necklace for different gender of all of you. The round gemstones represent the innocent, pure and good mind of Pandora. I used the bat like wings & some curvy style patterns to represent Lucifer the fallen angel. She steal the pure & innocent mind from the best woman in this halloween...

Well same as all my member gifts. Just designed for my members who join my VIP groups "Alienbear's Design & Le'Cameo lovers" . Not for sale & is unique. They are including 3 kinds of necklace that for different gender/ age of you:- Kid/ Lady/ Man. They are no mod & no transfer.


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How to get these Member gifts?

Join "Alienbear Design & Le' Cameo Lovers", Wear your group tag & then go to Member Discount Shop . Touch the poster to get.


Now till 31 Oct 2010 sl time 11:59pm.