Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Almas the diamonds

Almas poster

Almas gold necklace white

Almas gold earrings I whiteAlmas gold earrings II whiteAlmas gold earrings III white

This was my Jan 2010 early design. Been a real long time didn't make something simple so suddenly comes up this design. I love diamonds, so do many of girls. So this time I use many diamonds to craft this design out. And call it ALMAS which means "diamond" in Arabic.

As always, due to prim limitation, this necklace have to be attached to two parts of body. Because of this, it comes up THREE Styles. Base on the necklaces, I design Three simple earrings in matching. It suit all occasions no matter formal or Causal. It also comes with many colours for your selections no mater in platinum or gold.

Almas necklace white

Almas earrings I whiteAlmas earrings II whiteAlmas earrings III white

Almas necklace poster
Almas gold necklace poster

Almas earrings I poster

Almas earrings II poster

Almas earrings III poster

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