Thursday, December 17, 2009

Princess Haukea the Princess of winer

haukea draft 2

Nov 2009 design that specially design to match the "Snow Dream collections" from Nicky Ree Designing. This series imply a lady who is both gentleness and strong. I get Inspiration from my 2008 Winter Japan Trip when I accidentally saw a natural form of Heart shape snow on a rock. So I use heart pattern , kite diamonds, teardrop diamonds to outline the snowflakes. The tiny round diamonds & the curve metals form a beautiful ice layer surround the neck. The soul of this series is the huge 3D Rhombus shape icicle which imply the imagine of strong, independent.

This series have a big crown, small crown, necklace that can wear in 2 styles & a pair of necklace.

Princess Haukea crown white

Snowflakes is the main design of this big crown. This time I mix forehead tiara design with crown design. The dangled parts on the forehead just like melting snow turn into icycle falling down from the crown.

Due to prim linking limitations, this crown have to attaching to two parts of body. Since there are not much body attachment part at the head, my assistant Mui Mukerji complain that can't wear facelight when my crown need to wear in 2 parts of head. So this time , I added the CG facelight system that is a freesource created by Cognitive Gears. You can turn on / off the facelight; change the light colour; change the radius of the light; change the brightness... etc.

Princess Haukea necklace white

As I just use regular linden prims to craft out this design, the total of the prims reach the prim linking limits. So I attach it in two part of body and it comes out two style of necklace. When you wear part I only, it don't have the dangled 3D Rhombus shape icicle like diamond & there is no tiny little snow like round diamonds on the neck. You have to wear both part I & part II to form this gorgeous full necklace.

Princess Haukea earrings white

haukea draft 3

Princess Haukea SMALL crown white

This small crown is design for those who want something small for wedding or for role playing.

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