Monday, December 24, 2007

Promote intellectual property - Alienbear Gupte's Ornament

To celebrate the season of giving and creating we are launching phase I of a campaign to build awareness of how important intellectual property is for the growth and health of the Second life community. Nicky Ree & Anita Cassini organized this project to gather all sl content creator togethers & make our Ornament to spread out the words.

I am one of the Content Creator that design jewelry so I design this Ornament as gift to all of you. It is in around 0.5 X0.5 size. Good for place on your Christmas tree :D It is copyable & transfer, good as a little gifts & for decorations :D

Where to get this Ornament? My Ornament at On rez
Where to get other Ornament of other creator? Other Ornaments at On rez

Let's concern about intellectual property! Thanks !!

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