Tuesday, February 13, 2007


(Send to my members on 13 Feb 2007)

HAPPY VALENTINES' DAY my dearest member!! These are the Vday gifts for all members! They are including 3 kinds of necklace that for different gender/ age of you:- Kid/ Lady/ Man.
Yes this set is JUST For my VIP members that join my jewelry group in SL before 13 Feb 0:00 !! I won't send these gift to your alt if your alt are not in this VIP group!! They are NOT for sale now or in the future. So please don't ask for that.

As I spend so many time & creative to make these designs, they are no mod & no transfer! Please don't try to copy my design & please respect my creations. They are my Blood!!

If you find that it is not fit to your av, Please im me & I will mod for you to suit your av BUT I won't be help to modify if you are not in that gender group. That means , For examples if you are lady av but you want to wear the man one, SORRY, I will not help you to modify it to lady size as that is just for our man av member!!!

For those who read this blog but not my members. It may be a pity that you can't get this set BUT You still have opportunity to get my seasonal member gift sets in the future if you join my group in world. Just back to SL, then touch Search & go to group then type "Alienbear" & you will see my group. Just join & you still have opportunity to get my 2006 member gift set & my coming seasonal gift set :)

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